Speculative design concepts that have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic

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A few design proposals to emerge from a range of international firms large and small. All of these concepts tackle unique topics and concerns: A more prudent use of public green space, contagion-safe produce shopping, the adaptive reuse of unorthodox spaces, and working where you live for the long-haul, to name a few. And while some might seem unconventional or outright implausible, these concepts all imagine a world where we are all safe, comfortable, healthy, productive, and able to get the help that we need.

Spatial Strategies for Restaurants in Response to COVID-19

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The recommendations and prompts in this document seek to come alongside restaurant
owners, chefs, staff, and patrons as we navigate our evolving understanding of COVID-19 in
restaurant settings and attempt to adapt ideal recommendations to real-life situations. The
faster we can design trust back into these spaces, the faster we can stabilize and strengthen the
restaurant industry.

La Toronto Society of Architects partage les ressources pour ses membres pendant coVID-19

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La Toronto Society of Architects crée un espace pour partager des ressources qui pourraient être utiles pour les membres pendant COVID-19

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