Public space and equity: new research on community-led public spaces (Webinar and resources)

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How can we leverage this moment in time — as billions of dollars are being released for infrastructure projects — to build more inclusive, equitable public spaces moving forward? On Episode 24 of “Coast to Coast,” we’ll unpack findings from forthcoming research from Knight and Gehl on community-led, equitable public spaces that serve and engage communities in the pandemic and beyond.


  • Knight Foundation report conducted by Gehl evaluates 7 public spaces in the U.S. to identify their successes and make recommendations for their improvement:
  • The Knight Report, “Adaptive Public Space: Places for People in the Pandemic and Beyond,” finds that public spaces that reflect the needs of residents received more visitors:
  • Knight’s Lilly Weinberg and Evette Alexander share their thoughts on the newly published Knight Foundation report, which evaluated the impact of public spaces:
  • Gehl uses a people-first approach to urban planning to create a future where people have more control over the communities they live in: 
  • Centennial Parkside is led by residents and organizations and seeks to preserve and revitalize the community with initiatives around healthy living, civic engagement and the arts:
  • Reimagining the Civic Commons is transforming the way communities can manage civic assets to foster equity, engagement, economic development and environmental sustainability: 

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