The Windsor Public Library is offering their bookmobile service via a new fully electric cargo bike.

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Named BETTY, or Bringing Entertainment and Technology to You, the bike moves will move around the city offering Windsorites the Windsor Public Library offering, wherever they live in the community.

Friendly calls from Hamilton Public Library staff create special connection with seniors during COVID-19

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The calls began as a way to help older cardholders access the Hamilton Public Library’s (HPL) online offerings, but for many it became something more — a friendly voice and link to the rest of the world as everything around them seemed to be shutting down. The callers contacted those with electronic devices as well as those without. Conversations happened weekly or monthly, depending on the interest level of the person picking up. Follow up calls revealed how excited they were to discover the digital options and the joy they felt at mastering the website.

Toronto Public Library staff have been calling seniors to let them know they are thinking about them.

Les personnes âgées | L’isolation sociale

About 20 TPL staff began by calling 9,000 customers ages 80 and over, as well as all 1,000 Home Library Service customers. These calls provide a friendly check-in, and our staff can also share information about our services and offer assistance. Next on their list is to call customers ages 70 to 79, approximately 13,000 more people!

Innovative Shifts to Halifax’s Public Spaces Due to COVID-19

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A round-up of some of the clever ways the Halifax community took the challenges of COVID-19 and flipped them to create opportunities for all.

The Edmonton Public Library is offering 3D printing workshops under their makerspace and making events

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A recent example of a workshop includes an Easter « 3D Print Your Own Rabbit » event where children ages 10-12 were invited to learn how to create an animal-inspired design that can be 3D printed at EPL. The class guided participants through the process of combining 3D shapes in TinkerCAD – learning what works and what doesn’t when designing for the 3D printing process! EPL 3D printed each participant’s rabbit design for free, making it available for Library Takeout at their local branch.

The Calgary Library is providing access to free mental health and addictions support, health information, and referral to services.

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Go to the Central Library to meet with a mental health professional and get immediate care for emotional or mental health challenges. This free service is available afternoons and evenings, on a drop-in basis.

In partnership with Wood’s Homes. This initiative is generously supported by the City of Calgary, RBC Foundation and donors of the Calgary Public Library Foundation. 

In Edmonton, outdoor library services set up for homeless

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The Edmonton Public Library is taking some of its operations outside to give the city’s homeless a place to read books and magazines, use a laptop computer or participate in adult classes. Called EPL on the Square, the pilot project has three designated areas in Sir Winston Churchill Square for outdoor library services. The initiative is a collaboration between EPL and the City of Edmonton, was launched five days after the Edmonton EXPO Centre closed as a temporary drop-in day shelter. The city, social agencies and the province have been working on a plan to find hundreds of physically distanced spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic since the EXPO closed.

Halifax Public Libraries encouraging people to get outside

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The Halifax Public Libraries have made changes so working outside is more attractive. This includes pushing the public WiFi out into the fresh air and providing seating to reduce the likelihood of congestion; allowing borrowed electronic devices like Chromebooks and iPads to leave the building. “When they sign that iPad out, they can actually go take that outside now, and they can sit outside and use the free WiFi and use the library’s iPad to access information, or to watch a film or read an ebook,” says Kachen.

Halifax Public Libraries and Museums offer free reusable cloth masks to those without access

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Each person can request up to two masks per immediate family member. They’re adjustable and come in both adult and youth sizes.

Free Internet Connectivity Kits from the Library provide vital connection for some of Toronto’s most vulnerable residents

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Toronto Public Library (TPL), in partnership with Renewed Computer Technology and with support from the Toronto Public Library Foundation, recently launched its Internet Connectivity Kit program. The initiative provides vital connections for some of our city’s most vulnerable residents by equipping them with a free laptop and WiFi hotspot with four months of unlimited data. Participants will keep the laptop and Wi-Fi hotspot at the end of the program.

Toronto Public Library to offer free WiFi in two parks The city is teaming with the library to give residents free internet access in neighbourhoods hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic

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The week-long pilot project Wi-Fi on Wheels begins on August 4. The Toronto Public Library’s bookmobile will travel to two parks in areas hit hard by the pandemic and provide free internet during the afternoon. Anyone can bring their own device to the park to connect or temporarily use a city device. City devices will be sanitized between use and staff will assess users to ensure they do not have COVID-19 symptoms. Toronto Public Health data shows that the northwest parts of the city are being most affected during the coronavirus pandemic. As of the weekend, the Jane and Finch and Rexdale areas had 511 and 496 cases, respectively.

All the things the library has done for Halifax residents since shutting its doors for COVID-19: the city’s unofficial social worker.

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Here’s a list of what Halifax Public Libraries has been able to do so far:

  • Reorganized website to prioritize virtual services and brought whole programs online through the Virtual Library.
  • Upgraded the E-Library to make in-branch services like PressReader and Ancestry available at home; introduced new online resources like Kanopy, RomanceBookCloud, Public Library Online and TumbleBooksMath.
  • Set up an Ask the Library phone line to connect with and provide assistance to our community.
  • Provided snack packs for families
  • Loaned community organizations some technology items, including wifi hotspots and Chromebooks to a couple of shelters, and books and games to a children’s service provider.
  • Set up portable toilets at Halifax Central Library
  • Worked with Community Volunteer Income Tax Program (CVITP) to offer virtual tax clinics
  • Shifted staff to lead content for the Human Library Videos (storytime, how-to’s), social media and website blogs.

The Grande Prairie Public Library has 31 mobile hotspots for borrowing

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Each device can be borrowed for about 3 weeks. The GPPL is partnering with the Government of Canada’s Emergency Support Fund, Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta, and Telus to make the wifi units available. The coalition is designed to allow all residents in Grande Prairie to have access to online resources.

Library and museum staff helping in seniors’ homes during pandemic

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More than 50 people who used to work in Bruce County’s libraries and museums have been asked if they could work with seniors instead. To date, the former librarians and archivists have just been screening people as they enter the nursing homes, but they’ll soon be trained to take residents to meals, clean bed pans, organize rooms, and eventually, even answer some call bells.

Comment les bibliothèques publiques aident les Néo-Écossais — D’une bibliobus à l’ensilage de tablettes, les bibliothèques sont toujours présentes

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« Nous sommes plus qu’un peu de matériel de lecture », a déclaré Troy Myers, bibliothécaire en chef des bibliothèques publiques de la Rive-Sud. « Nous voulons donc faire tout ce que nous pouvons pour nous assurer que ces liens sociaux sont maintenus. »

La Bibliothèque publique de Regina met ses serveurs à l’emploi des données COVID-19 croquantes

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Grâce à un partenariat avec Folding@home, quatre des serveurs de la RPL et cinq ordinateurs de son Digital Media Studio travaillent d’arrache-pied pour croquer les données que les scientifiques du monde entier utilisent pour rechercher COVID-19.

Les bibliothèques de Terre-Neuve s’adaptent au monde de l’isolement en se dirigeant vers le numérique

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Inclut le soutien dans la façon dont les résidents peuvent utiliser les bibliothèques virtuelles pour tenir des clubs de lecture, apprendre des choses, aller au numérique, etc.

Les bibliothèques canadiennes s’intensifient pour aider les personnes vulnérables en cas de pandémie

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À Toronto, neuf succursales de TPL ont été converties en centres de distribution alimentaire au cours des dernières semaines, en partenariat avec trois banques alimentaires locales. À Montréal, la Grande Bibliothèque, la plus grande bibliothèque du Québec, a été transformée en espace de répit de jour pour les sans-abri.

Bibliothèque publique De Kitchener a un fil Twitter des animaux de compagnie du personnel appréciant une certaine lecture

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La bibliothèque de Regina offre un fil Twitter sur le lavage des mains

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Il peut être difficile d’enseigner le lavage des mains approprié aux enfants. Ainsi, la bibliothèque a mis sur pied un fil de livres pour enfants comme savons à main.

Les bibliothèques canadiennes réagissent au COVID-19

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Alors que les bibliothèques publiques de partout au Canada sont soudainement fermées en réponse à la pandémie du COVID-19, les dirigeants et les travailleurs des bibliothèques de partout au pays s’adaptent rapidement pour continuer à servir les gens, principalement en ligne. Cet article décrit certaines des initiatives à travers le pays des bibliothèques ou du personnel de la bibliothèque.

La collection électronique de la Bibliothèque de Mississauga triple presque grâce au plan de partage avec Burlington et Hamilton : plus de 151 000 titres électroniques totaux disponibles en accord

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Dans le cadre de l’entente, les utilisateurs de la bibliothèque de Mississauga pourraient emprunter jusqu’à 10 articles au total des collections électroniques de Hamilton et de Burlington et mettre cinq autres titres en attente. Les utilisateurs de la bibliothèque de Mississauga seraient toujours autorisés à emprunter 10 articles à leur système local et à mettre 20 titres en attente.

Dans le cadre de son soutien continu aux banques alimentaires de Toronto, la Bibliothèque publique de Toronto (TPL) fournit gratuitement de nouveaux livres aux enfants dans les paniers alimentaires qu’elle distribue par l’entremise de ses banques alimentaires pop-up.

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Lorsque les clients visitent une banque alimentaire dans une succursale de TPL, bibliothèque le personnel ajoutera un livre adapté à l’âge pour chaque enfant d’une famille qui est intéressé. TLes banques alimentaires de PL ont été mises en place en partenariat avec la North York Harvest Food Bank, la Daily Bread Food Bank et Second Harvest dans neuf succursales de bibliothèques de la ville.



Bibliothèque Shelf Isolation Read-a-thon

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Collecte de fonds pour la Calgary Public Library Foundation. Un shelf Isolation Read-a-thon combine notre besoin de s’isoler, de lire, de communauté et de soutenir la Bibliothèque.

La Bibliothèque publique de Ramara offre de nouveaux services pour aider ceux qui veulent obtenir des services lors de la fermeture de la bibliothèque en raison de la pandémie COVID-19.

Général : Outils de mobilisation | Le leadership politique

Les offres comprennent des ressources en ligne – de l’apprentissage de nouvelles langues et des compétences informatiques, à l’apprentissage de nouveaux passe-temps, le jardinage, la santé, les affaires, ebooks et livres audio, emagazines, et un concours de poésie!

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