COVID Summer Placemaking in Montreal’s terraces

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Featuring seven public terrasses that have been set up around the city to offer people safe and lovely places to hang out and each one has something special to offer. This includes the ethereal 320-foot-long yellow table that winds around trees in a #Montreal public terrasse called Prenez Place. Created by local artists and designers and decorated with flags and festive lights


Innovative Shifts to Halifax’s Public Spaces Due to COVID-19

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A round-up of some of the clever ways the Halifax community took the challenges of COVID-19 and flipped them to create opportunities for all.

COVID-19 RESOURCE TOOLKIT November, 2020 A Guide for Canadian Planners and Urbanists

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This document contains over 800 curated resources collected from March to October 2020, and includes academic articles, best-practices documents, news reports, podcasts, panel discussions and more relating to the impacts of COVID-19 on the discipline of city-building

26 “winter stations” have been set up in 18 Montreal boroughs along Montréal’s shopping streets to attract customers, enliven the shopping experience, and encourage local merchants

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Each station has been designed according to a concept conducive to physical distancing, which has been approved by the regional public health authorities and the Ville de Montréal’s emergency response coordinating committee. The health guidelines as well as the maximum capacity are posted in each station and must be complied with.


Montreal’s “Parklets,” — definitions, examples, benefits, implementation frameworks

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A collection of inspiring case studies on good public spaces as the backbone of the sustainable city from across Asia.

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A collection of 43 cases, equally spread in over 15 countries throughout Asia. From Singapore to Asahikawa, and Hanoi to Mumbai, municipal governments, urban planners, activists, architects, placemakers and real estate developers are pioneering to create human-scale streets and loveable places, using a more cocreative approach to urban development. With The City at Eye Level Asia we bring you key insights and lessons learned from Asia’s front-runners in creative and community-led placemaking, heritage revitalization and place-led development, that are inspiring more future-proof places for people

European web-platform for placemakers and placemaking tools

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We strongly believe that our members, publications, events and tools will help you through your placemaking journey.. We are a network of thousands of placemakers primarily based and working in Europe. We are the proud network behind Placemaking Week Europe. We connect to share our experiences, develop tools, champion each other, and work together to make great places. We are so excited to welcome  you to the community. 

Virtual conference recordings and presentations that brought together educators, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners support children and families in learning through play.

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Design Ideas for the Post-Pandemic Public Library

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The ideas came out of the findings from a survey of the American Library Association (ALA) community and a virtual roundtable with representatives who lead or operate 10 public libraries across the U.S. Both the survey questions and the roundtable discussion focused on the current challenges public libraries are facing and opportunities for long-term change in response to the pandemic.

Designing for Effective Physical Distancing in Essential Public Spaces

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Ideas for the public spaces we are likely to emerge for during this period of physical distancing – grocery stores, pharmacies, parks, and the streets that get us to and from. Includes:

Grocery Stores & Pharmacies: Tips for Streamlining the Process of Buying Essentials Safely

Public Sidewalks: Helping People Keep a Safe Distance to and from Essential Services

Public Parks: Tools for Discouraging Gathering in Public Spaces While Allowing People to Get Fresh Air and Exercise




Speculative design concepts that have emerged from the coronavirus pandemic

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A few design proposals to emerge from a range of international firms large and small. All of these concepts tackle unique topics and concerns: A more prudent use of public green space, contagion-safe produce shopping, the adaptive reuse of unorthodox spaces, and working where you live for the long-haul, to name a few. And while some might seem unconventional or outright implausible, these concepts all imagine a world where we are all safe, comfortable, healthy, productive, and able to get the help that we need.

Spatial Strategies for Restaurants in Response to COVID-19

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The recommendations and prompts in this document seek to come alongside restaurant
owners, chefs, staff, and patrons as we navigate our evolving understanding of COVID-19 in
restaurant settings and attempt to adapt ideal recommendations to real-life situations. The
faster we can design trust back into these spaces, the faster we can stabilize and strengthen the
restaurant industry.

Proximity of Care Design Guide: design and implementation of child- and family friendly interventions in vulnerable urban environments, with benefits for the entire community.

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Arup and the Bernard van Leer Foundation have combined their design and planning expertise and knowledge of early childhood development to produce the Proximity of Care Design Guide. The Guide builds upon the Bernard van Leer Foundation’s Urban95 initiative, which asks a bold but simple question: 

If you could experience the city from 95cm – the height of a 3-year-old – what would you change?

The Design Guide seeks to answer this question by helping professionals and decision makers operating in informal and refugee settlements to design and implement cost-effective interventions that improve the living conditions and well-being of young children, their caregivers and pregnant women, with benefits for the entire community.   A good start in life for the youngest urban residents is one of the best investments a city can make.

Download The « Winter Places » Design Guide to help your community embrace winter outdoors this year with design ideas from around the world.

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72 pages of how to create safe spaces for socially distanced outdoor gathering and shopping. Download the guide for free here:

Digital toolkit featuring designs, guidelines, and strategies to aid safe reopening and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Each tool you find here was created by neighborhood-specific coalitions of community organizations, architects, engineers, lawyers, and planners. They came together as part of Neighborhoods Now, a rapid-response initiative launched by New York-based nonprofits Urban Design Forum and Van Alen Institute. This site will continue to be updated with additional designs and strategies from the Neighborhoods Now working groups over time. Detailed reports from each group, posted on the Urban Design Forum and Van Alen Institute websites, provide full context for each resource and greater insight into this collaborative, community-led process.

The High Streets Adaptive Strategies guide is part of the Mayor of London’s Good Growth by Design programme and emphasises the public value of high streets and town centres, while showcasing the innovative work taking place to adapt them in the face of significant change and why we should continue to invest in them.

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Rather than focusing on just return on investment from the uplift in spending, productivity and land values, London’s « High Streets for All » is about investment based on the social value of high streets & capacity to address inequality

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