The city of Montreal is investing $500,000 in the creation of a food a delivery platform that would be more affordable than the services provided by companies such as Uber Eats, SkipTheDishes and DoorDash.

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The city is issuing a call for tenders for groups who wish to develop the app. The funding would help establish a local non-profit or co-operative that can compete with large food delivery services. The city, which has launched a request for proposals, hopes to work with existing local startups. In March, Bill 87 was passed into law at the National Assembly. The law enables the province to cap delivery fees companies at a maximum of 20 per cent of an order’s total for the duration of the pandemic.

Delivery optimization solution pilot being offered to Toronto restaurants this winter

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Through the pilot, Deliverect’s solution will connect UberEats, Doordash, SkipTheDishes, and other delivery companies directly to restaurants’ POS system in order to automate the online order process. Deliverect’s platform aims to alleviate the requirement to have staff maintain multiple tablets for delivery orders, reducing mistakes and wait times for customers. At least 100 independently-owned restaurants are expected to receive free access to the platform for 90 days through the pilot. The program seeks to pilot solutions that target challenges facing main street small businesses.

Toronto Market Co. is a curated artisanal food market that works with 100+ small vendors to offer a one stop shop & delivery (or pick up from a central depot)

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The site is designed to feel like a well curated in-person market. You can see the items available online and they are available for purchase. There is no minimum order required.  How It Works:

1. Shop from over 100 local vendors using one basket.

2. Select contactless pick-up or delivery at checkout

3. After order is placed, vendors are contacted with quantities ordered. Orders must be placed by 11:59PM on Sunday evening to receive pickup/delivery the following Thursday. 4. Thursday orders are delivered or picked up at a central depot.  Pick up order or wait for delivery confirmation notice.

Delivery costs for Central Toronto is $15 flat & and surrounding area $25-30.

‘Not Uber Eats’ site launches to help Torontonians support local restaurants

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« » help people identify nearby restaurants that offer their own delivery service — rather than using high cost delivery apps

Winnipeg’s goodlocal allows you stay home, stay safe, buy essentials AND support local – all on one platform!

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Shop All Local Vendors. Buy whatever you need, from local makers & merchants, online in a single cart purchase.

One Low Delivery Fee. Buy from as many vendors as you like. We bring it all to you for just $5.

Local good. When you shop local, your money stays nearby and your community thrives.

Toronto partners with local delivery supplier to reduce fees for local businesses

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The City of Toronto and Ritual have partnered to launch Open for Business — a collaboration to help small businesses across Toronto increase online delivery sales while keeping their customers and staff safe. To encourage customers to order directly from restaurants, all restaurants using Ritual ONE’s delivery platform powered by DoorDash Drive will receive (2) weeks of free delivery from Monday, October 26th – Sunday, November 8th, 2020. With commission-free ordering platform Ritual ONE, businesses can be a part of the City of Toronto endorsed program, Open for Business.

La compagnie de taxi de Toronto facture des frais fixes de 10 $ pour la livraison dans un rayon de 3 km

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L’entreprise présente une option viable pour les restaurants tandis qu’UberEats fait face à des réactions négatives pour les frais élevés et les commissions.

Pour aller Toronto liens plate-forme vers des restaurants offrant à emporter et de livraison

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Bien que les salles à manger soient fermées, les plateformes ont dressé une liste de nombreux restaurants de Toronto qui continuent de préparer des aliments avec la diversité emblématique de Toronto.

La livraison locale Love d’Ottawa offre une liste organisée de restaurants locaux offrant une livraison responsable

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La ressource offre un réseau organisé des meilleurs restaurants locaux et exploités indépendants d’Ottawa offrant une livraison responsable.

Uber Eats soutient l’industrie de la restauration pendant COVID-19

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La société a créé un programme de soutien pour promouvoir la livraison « sans contact » des restaurants locaux, qui comprend la renonciation aux frais de livraison, et une option de paiement quotidien pour aider les restaurants avec des flux de trésorerie.

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