Toronto Public Library staff have been calling seniors to let them know they are thinking about them.

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About 20 TPL staff began by calling 9,000 customers ages 80 and over, as well as all 1,000 Home Library Service customers. These calls provide a friendly check-in, and our staff can also share information about our services and offer assistance. Next on their list is to call customers ages 70 to 79, approximately 13,000 more people!

Happy Homes: A toolkit for building sociability through multi-family housing design

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Vancouver-based Happy City has gathered evidence from psychology, neuroscience, public health and other fields to identify how design influences sociability in multi-family housing to produce a visual toolkit to identify principles, strategies and actions to boost social wellbeing in multi-family housing. houses resources to safely help neighbours.

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From Edmonton’s Interfaith Housing Initiative, this platform offers resources in 12 languages to:

  • Help Safely
  • Guide to share food safely
  • Ideas for safe connection and celebration
  • Introduce yourself to your neighbours and offer help

Library and museum staff helping in seniors’ homes during pandemic

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More than 50 people who used to work in Bruce County’s libraries and museums have been asked if they could work with seniors instead. To date, the former librarians and archivists have just been screening people as they enter the nursing homes, but they’ll soon be trained to take residents to meals, clean bed pans, organize rooms, and eventually, even answer some call bells.

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