The Neighbourgood is a website that matches businesses that need marketing help with freelancers willing to donate time as well as selling gift cards on behalf of local businesses

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Torontonians are encouraged to safely explore ShowLoveTO and follow COVID-19 safety measures to help reduce the virus spread. Learn about what to expect and what is required as you begin to visit establishments and take part in ShowLoveTO activities.

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Toronto is ready to welcome us back. From hitting the patio to supporting local art, restaurants and shops, it’s time to get out and do the things we love. Experience ActiveTO’s newly expanded cycling network, BigArtTO’s digital art projections. Dine out on countless CafeTO pop-up patios and find hidden gems all over the city with StrollTO’s new exploration guides. Because when we shine, our city shines. And when we do the things we love, we #ShowLoveTO.

Downtown Regina BIA has created colourful and communicative downloadable posters for businesses to put up

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These posters are meant to be put up in downtown shops to communicate in a friendly way physical distancing rules, how many people allowed in a store at one time, and other changes that are in effect during COVID19 times.

Webinaire sur les initiatives visant à aider les entreprises à atténuer les impacts du COVID-19

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Webinar décrivant 12 initiatives visant à aider les entreprises à atténuer les effets de la pandémie du coronavirus COVID-19 : pour l’industrie du voyage et du tourisme, les organismes de marketing de destination, les associations du centre-ville, les commerces de détail du centre-ville et les restaurants aux États-Unis et au Canada.

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