“Jardin des espoirs” is a winter station in Montreal, Illuminated and decorated with multiform structures reminiscent of the colours of cargo ship containers sailing the Saint-Laurent River

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As part of the City of Montreal’s Bureau du design call for proposals for the “Rethinking Public Space” qualification, with the ultimate goal of designing and building “winter stations” in 17 Montreal boroughs — The challenge was to produce installations capable of withstanding the Montreal winter, which would be well adapted to the pandemic context, and that would improve the experience for residents.

The winter station also aims to promote local commerce — passers-by are invited to get ribbons from nearby stores so that they can be attached to the installations. This fulfils the objectives of bringing joy to people and encouraging the local economy.

ULI’s forthcoming report — Global Innovations for Health, Social Equity, and Sustainability

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The Urban Land Institute’s Building Healthy Places Initiative profiled more than 30 approaches to the public realm during the pandemic from around the globe, representing a range of cities—small and large, on different continents, implementing pilot projects or accelerating long-term plans. The examples illuminate how cities can innovate with low-cost, immediately responsive, and creative interventions that promote health and social equity. Several of these examples, spanning four different types of public space projects, are highlighted in this article. The Pandemic and the Public Realm: Global Innovations for Health, Social Equity, and Sustainability is a forthcoming report of ULI

Jersey City Parklet Program includes a downloadable parklet guide with detailed specifications that can be used in other locales

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Jersey City has worked with the business and residential communities to install temporary parklets throughout the City. To aid local businesses during COVID-19, Jersey City has expanded its Parklet Program by allowing restaurants to apply for parklets to expand outdoor seating. If you are interested in installing a parklet in the parking space in front of your business, please review the Jersey City Parklet Guide and submit an application.  To view the parklets installed in 2020, please refer to our online map. To learn more about the City’s efforts to help local businesses, please visit www.jcnj.org/reopens.

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