San Francisco’s Chinatown was re-created in Minecraft video game by a group of students and recent grads to preserve the neighborhood’s rich history.

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Members of the Chinatown Community Development Center youth groups, spent months faithfully re-creating the San Francisco neighborhood in the world-building video game.  A lot of the re-creations were built from images found on Google Images and Google Maps, where crowded streets of Chinatown often obscure certain details these kids are trying to render; in a way, they’re rebuilding the Chinatown of the recent past to keep its tourist aesthetic in the present. is a platform to map pedestrian paths, like sidewalks for accessibility, in ways that users can understand detailed attributes like width, surface composition, steepness, and shared traffic.

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OpenSidewalks leverages collaborative collection and sharing of data in OpenStreetMap, an open database of geographic information. OpenSidewalks is led by the Taskar Center for Accessible Technology (TCAT) at the University of Washington, whose mission is to develop and deploy technologies that improve quality of life for people with disabilities.

Toronto Market Co. is a curated artisanal food market that works with 100+ small vendors to offer a one stop shop & delivery (or pick up from a central depot)

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The site is designed to feel like a well curated in-person market. You can see the items available online and they are available for purchase. There is no minimum order required.  How It Works:

1. Shop from over 100 local vendors using one basket.

2. Select contactless pick-up or delivery at checkout

3. After order is placed, vendors are contacted with quantities ordered. Orders must be placed by 11:59PM on Sunday evening to receive pickup/delivery the following Thursday. 4. Thursday orders are delivered or picked up at a central depot.  Pick up order or wait for delivery confirmation notice.

Delivery costs for Central Toronto is $15 flat & and surrounding area $25-30.

Winnipeg’s goodlocal allows you stay home, stay safe, buy essentials AND support local – all on one platform!

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Shop All Local Vendors. Buy whatever you need, from local makers & merchants, online in a single cart purchase.

One Low Delivery Fee. Buy from as many vendors as you like. We bring it all to you for just $5.

Local good. When you shop local, your money stays nearby and your community thrives.

Ryerson University National Institute on Ageing (NIA) have created a tool to help people better understand the factors that affect the risk of visiting with others on both getting and dying from COVID-19.

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Using the best available scientific evidence and the input of leading experts in infectious diseases and epidemiology, this website has been designed to help people of different ages and states of health figure out how to more safely visit with others during the COVID-19 pandemic. By working through the questions of this online decision aid, the NIA’s aim is to prepare you and your loved ones to better discuss the potential risks and benefits of visiting with each other and in the end make a well-informed choice on how to make any necessary visits as safe as possible. After a 10 minute survey, a personalized report will be generated to help you understand the risks associated with your planned visit, as well as give you tips on how to try and make any proposed visits as safe as possible.

The information provided to access and use the COVID-19 Visit Risk Decision Aid (the « Tool ») is collected anonymously for the purpose of providing information about possible levels of risk from COVID-19 and to make improvements to the Tool.

Comment les bibliothèques publiques aident les Néo-Écossais — D’une bibliobus à l’ensilage de tablettes, les bibliothèques sont toujours présentes

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« Nous sommes plus qu’un peu de matériel de lecture », a déclaré Troy Myers, bibliothécaire en chef des bibliothèques publiques de la Rive-Sud. « Nous voulons donc faire tout ce que nous pouvons pour nous assurer que ces liens sociaux sont maintenus. »

Les bibliothèques canadiennes réagissent au COVID-19

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Alors que les bibliothèques publiques de partout au Canada sont soudainement fermées en réponse à la pandémie du COVID-19, les dirigeants et les travailleurs des bibliothèques de partout au pays s’adaptent rapidement pour continuer à servir les gens, principalement en ligne. Cet article décrit certaines des initiatives à travers le pays des bibliothèques ou du personnel de la bibliothèque.

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