Happy Homes: A toolkit for building sociability through multi-family housing design

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Vancouver-based Happy City has gathered evidence from psychology, neuroscience, public health and other fields to identify how design influences sociability in multi-family housing to produce a visual toolkit to identify principles, strategies and actions to boost social wellbeing in multi-family housing.

COVID-19 RESOURCE TOOLKIT November, 2020 A Guide for Canadian Planners and Urbanists

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This document contains over 800 curated resources collected from March to October 2020, and includes academic articles, best-practices documents, news reports, podcasts, panel discussions and more relating to the impacts of COVID-19 on the discipline of city-building

Great Public Spaces Guide

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Developed by Australia’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment brings for New South Wales.

UK accelerator Connected Places Catapult has launched a guide to jumpstart the UK’s economic recovery

Les entreprises locales

Hubs of Innovation: A playbook for place leaders was created in collaboration with the UK Innovation Districts Group, with research led by The Business of Cities and is designed for place-leaders, anchor institutions and larger stakeholders who play key roles in the innovation sector. The report provides guidance to those at different stages of maturity in developing innovation hubs and draws on best practices from existing hubs such as MediaCityUK in Salford, the Belfast Innovation District, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in East London and the Knowledge Quarter in Liverpool.

European web-platform for placemakers and placemaking tools

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We strongly believe that our members, publications, events and tools will help you through your placemaking journey.. We are a network of thousands of placemakers primarily based and working in Europe. We are the proud network behind Placemaking Week Europe. We connect to share our experiences, develop tools, champion each other, and work together to make great places. We are so excited to welcome  you to the community. 

Finding Joy through Playful Learning Conference Resource Guide

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Proximity of Care Design Guide: design and implementation of child- and family friendly interventions in vulnerable urban environments, with benefits for the entire community.

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Arup and the Bernard van Leer Foundation have combined their design and planning expertise and knowledge of early childhood development to produce the Proximity of Care Design Guide. The Guide builds upon the Bernard van Leer Foundation’s Urban95 initiative, which asks a bold but simple question: 

If you could experience the city from 95cm – the height of a 3-year-old – what would you change?

The Design Guide seeks to answer this question by helping professionals and decision makers operating in informal and refugee settlements to design and implement cost-effective interventions that improve the living conditions and well-being of young children, their caregivers and pregnant women, with benefits for the entire community.   A good start in life for the youngest urban residents is one of the best investments a city can make.

Public space and equity: new research on community-led public spaces (Webinar and resources)

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How can we leverage this moment in time — as billions of dollars are being released for infrastructure projects — to build more inclusive, equitable public spaces moving forward? On Episode 24 of “Coast to Coast,” we’ll unpack findings from forthcoming research from Knight and Gehl on community-led, equitable public spaces that serve and engage communities in the pandemic and beyond.


  • Knight Foundation report conducted by Gehl evaluates 7 public spaces in the U.S. to identify their successes and make recommendations for their improvement: kf.org/adaptivespace
  • The Knight Report, “Adaptive Public Space: Places for People in the Pandemic and Beyond,” finds that public spaces that reflect the needs of residents received more visitors: kf.org/placesforpeople
  • Knight’s Lilly Weinberg and Evette Alexander share their thoughts on the newly published Knight Foundation report, which evaluated the impact of public spaces: kf.org/equitablespaces
  • Gehl uses a people-first approach to urban planning to create a future where people have more control over the communities they live in: gehlpeople.com 
  • Centennial Parkside is led by residents and organizations and seeks to preserve and revitalize the community with initiatives around healthy living, civic engagement and the arts: centennialparkside.org
  • Reimagining the Civic Commons is transforming the way communities can manage civic assets to foster equity, engagement, economic development and environmental sustainability: civiccommons.us 

HerCity: Digital Toolbox for Sustainable, Equal and Inclusive Cities

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HerCity is a platform that involves women in urban development, in order to make better cities for everyone. Turning the tables and putting girls in the expert position, the digital toolbox aims to create more inclusive, equal, and sustainable cities and communities. The initiative makes methods and tools available to urban actors globally, in order to support cities in integrating girls’ participation in their long-term strategies. A toolbox with 9 flexible building blocks, Her City supports urban development from a girl’s perspective. We guide urban actors to implement projects through a step-by-step methodology providing an open and digitally accessible platform for all. We facilitate an ongoing dialogue between professionals and citizens.

Jersey City Parklet Program includes a downloadable parklet guide with detailed specifications that can be used in other locales

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Jersey City has worked with the business and residential communities to install temporary parklets throughout the City. To aid local businesses during COVID-19, Jersey City has expanded its Parklet Program by allowing restaurants to apply for parklets to expand outdoor seating. If you are interested in installing a parklet in the parking space in front of your business, please review the Jersey City Parklet Guide and submit an application.  To view the parklets installed in 2020, please refer to our online map. To learn more about the City’s efforts to help local businesses, please visit www.jcnj.org/reopens.

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