Medical students supporting community health and accessibility in Edmonton and Victoria

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Bag Half Full was started by University of Alberta medical students and is expanding, most recently to UBC Victoria. Services include shopping and delivering groceries and household items for the elderly and people who are immunocompromised.

Local BC Drag Queens Will Deliver Food And Wine To Your Door

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A local LGBTQ+ bar in Kelowna is having B.C. drag queens deliver food and wine right to your door. By changing the business model and keeping employees safe the restaurant is offering delivery service, but with a twist.

Tourism Vancouver makes improvements to its website during COVID-19

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The website now provides information and maps on open restaurants offering takeout/delivery across Vancouver

Aid Local not-for-profit initiative helping Canadian small businesses during COVID-19

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The website includes a map and directory of businesses that have gift cards for sale or are delivering during the COVID-19 pandemic, to give people a way to support them during this time. Supported by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce and the BBB of Southern Alberta.

Volunteers help people in Toronto by bike

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The Toronto Bike Brigade calls for volunteer bicycle riders in Toronto to help deliver goods to people unable to leave their homes

Volunteers on bikes deliver supplies and friendship to vulnerable people during the COVID-19 Pandemic in Toronto

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The group has joined forces with a few community organizations, including a local kitchen and the University Health Network’s Friendly Neighbour Hotline.

Links to Canadian independent bookstores offering free delivery

Local businesses

Links to Toronto-based independent bookstores offering free delivery

Asian Unification Project supports the most vulnerable in Toronto and Vancouver during COVID-19

Fundraising and volunteering | Seniors

Resource supports seniors, immunocompromised people, and disabled people in the Asian community with grocery delivery and errands. The website is in English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese, with more languages to come.

Members of Vancouver’s hospitality community create online hub to share which restaurants in five provinces are offering take-out, delivery, meal prep, curbside pickup, grocery and more

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Breaking Bread serves as a central online hub to share which restaurants across British Columbia and beyond are offering DELIVERY, TAKE-OUT, CURB-SIDE PICK-UP, MEAL PREP, GROCERY and MORE, as well as many other ways to show support.

Toronto resident creates map showing places in the city that are offering takeout and delivery


Resource for supporting local restaurants in Toronto during COVID-19, showing the places that are offering takeout and delivery.

Small farms and businesses create virtual farmers market

Food | Local businesses

Virtual Farmers Market made up of a dozen small farms & businesses based in the Oak Ridges Moraine offering no-contact home delivery.

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