What is CityShare Canada?

CityShare Canada is a crowdsourced platform that aggregates examples of community-based resilience in action, and that accelerates collective problem-solving to help local communities across Canada respond to COVID-19.

Sharing on-the-ground stories, tools, and resources on how communities are coping and adapting, will hasten Canada’s resilience and recovery.

We need volunteers to serve as “CitySharers” to track the imaginative and innovative responses happening across the country. Please get in touch with us if you can help.

We’ve created a companion platform, CityWatch Canada, that tracks the local government response to COVID-19 in communities across Canada.

This resource is built in the public interest by the Canadian Urban Institute, with support from volunteers and partners across the country, including Taiji Brand Group, Canadian Urban Sustainability Practitioners, Tamarack, Municipal World.

Information on the website may not be complete, accurate, or up to date. We bear no responsibility for any decisions or actions taken resulting from information found on this platform. Please use with discretion.

Be a CityShare contributor

We want to hear from you on what’s working, what’s not and what’s next in your community.

Send us your initiative contributions here.

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