Happy Homes: A toolkit for building sociability through multi-family housing design

General: Sector resources | General: Tools for engagement | Social isolation

Vancouver-based Happy City has gathered evidence from psychology, neuroscience, public health and other fields to identify how design influences sociability in multi-family housing to produce a visual toolkit to identify principles, strategies and actions to boost social wellbeing in multi-family housing.

COVID-19 RESOURCE TOOLKIT November, 2020 A Guide for Canadian Planners and Urbanists

General: Sector resources | Mobility and transportation | Parks and public space | Street activation

This document contains over 800 curated resources collected from March to October 2020, and includes academic articles, best-practices documents, news reports, podcasts, panel discussions and more relating to the impacts of COVID-19 on the discipline of city-building

Great Public Spaces Guide

General: Sector resources | General: Tools for engagement | Main Street | Parks and public space | Street activation

Developed by Australia’s Department of Planning, Industry and Environment brings for New South Wales.

European web-platform for placemakers and placemaking tools

Main Street | Parks and public space | Street activation

We strongly believe that our members, publications, events and tools will help you through your placemaking journey.. We are a network of thousands of placemakers primarily based and working in Europe. We are the proud network behind Placemaking Week Europe. We connect to share our experiences, develop tools, champion each other, and work together to make great places. We are so excited to welcome  you to the community. 

Municipally-focused podcasts on COVID-19

General: Sector resources | Learning and education | Policy leadership

Municipal World is delivering a set of podcasts around COVID-19 to help Canadian municipalities respond and deal with the pandemic

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