Toolkit for tenant organizing

General: Crowdsourced tools and resources | Housing and homelessness

“The Tenants Will Win” is a compendium of resources, templates and tools for tenants to use during the pandemic, many of which can be modified to be useful for renters in Canadian cities.

Small Business BC (SBBC) provides COVID-19 resources for small business

General: Sector resources | Local businesses

Resources include digital meetups, business continuity checklists, resources to create a crisis plan and help navigating provincial and federal support

International Association of Public Transport issues factsheet for transit operators on management of outbreak

Mobility and transportation | Policy leadership

Link to the International Association of Public Transport -prepared factsheet to help operators prepare during COVID-19

University of Michigan releases resource for adjusting study habits during COVID-19

Children | Learning and education

University of Michigan’s Center for Academic Innovation releases guide to help students adjust to studying during COVID-19.

National Association of School Psychologists releases resource for talking to children about COVID-19

Children | General: Tools for engagement

Talking to Children About COVID-19 (Coronavirus) offers advice, guidelines, and resources for parents.

Vendors in Portland Oregon launch initiative to share COVID-19 information with people experiencing homelessness.

Housing and homelessness

Vendors in Portland Oregon launch the Coronavirus Action Team, an initiative to get information about COVID-19 to people experiencing homelessness. Vendors are paid a stipend to check on each other, dispel myths about the virus & explain health dept guidance

China creates national cloud learning platform and broadcasts primary school classes on public television

General: Tools for engagement | Learning and education | Policy leadership

China launched a national cloud learning platform during the outbreak to provide learning materials for students in junior and senior high school. The e-learning platform is meant to provide resources for students but not to replace classroom learning. At the same time, classes for primary school students were broadcast on state-broadcaster CCTV’s China Education Television Channel 4.

FEANTSA prescribes key priorities for addressing COVID-19 for people experiencing homelessness

General: Sector resources | Housing and homelessness

FEANTSA (European Federation of National Organisations Working with the Homeless) prescribes key priorities for addressing COVID-19 for people experiencing homelessness.

Crowdsourced resource for technologists

General: Crowdsourced tools and resources | General: Online communities and networks

The Coronavirus Tech Handbook provides a space for technologists, civic organisations, public & private institutions, researchers and specialists of all kinds to collaborate on a rapid and sophisticated response to the coronavirus outbreak and subsequent impacts. It is a quickly evolving resource with thousands of active expert contributors.

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