Free street drug testing site opens in Victoria storefront: Strip tests for fentanyl and benzodiazepines can yield results in minutes

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A free street drug testing site has opened in Victoria’s North Park neighbourhood to provide anonymous drug testing to anyone who needs it. The storefront is part of an innovative harm reduction approach operated by the Vancouver Island Drug Checking project, started by a group of scientists from the University of Victoria.

Downtown Eastside Community Resilience Taskforce

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The City of Vancouver is organizing a multi-agency taskforce to generate engagement and harm reduction strategies as at-risk populations in the area face greater challenges during the crisis.

Podcast: Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart announced that a safe drug supply is coming to Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside to help with harm reduction during COVID19

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Host Alex de Boer gets comment from Trey Helton, Manager of Vancouver’s Overdose Prevention Society and Jonathan Orr, Program Manager for Raincity Housing’s Peer Services. Trey and Jonathan comment on changing conditions in the City’s overdose prevention sites and share their questions about Vancouver’s new safe supply. Podcast: UBC’s CiTR 101.9 FM focused on alternative and locally-based programming

COVID-19: Safe-drug supplies part of package as Vancouver addresses Downtown Eastside

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The City’s Community Action Team to help the roughly 20–30% of drug users not connected to the health care system make sure they can access a safe supply. For everyone else, the City is planning for safe supply to be enabled through existing physician relationships, with more details to be announced by the Province.

Harm reduction coalition publishes COVID-19 guidelines for people who use drugs and harm reduction programs

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