WIFF — the Windsor International Film Festival — is Canada’s largest volunteer-run film festival, selling over 43,000 paid tickets in 2019.

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In 2020, due to the pandemic, WIFF cancelled its traditional festival and organized a drive-in event called WIFF Under The Stars. Selling out, the event attracted 7,000+ guests to safely enjoy films for adults and families alike.

Making Edmonton Digital helps businesses get online

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A partnership between the University of Alberta, City of Edmonton, and Digital Main Street, is helping local businesses create and maintain an engaging online presence. Funded by the City of Edmonton and Western Economic Diversification Canada, the free program connects business owners with a consultant who can work with them for a maximum of 12 hours. Services could include learning how to update Google listings, creating websites or accounts on social media channels, and work on branding. The program will run until September, or when they reach a total of 630 businesses. So far, approximately 400 businesses have signed up.

Sociavore, a tech venture based in Kitchener, Ont., is trying to make it a little easier for the thousands of small businesses navigating COVID times

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Founded by Amina Gilani and her husband Thusenth Dhavaloganathan, Sociavore is an all in one e-commerce platform for food and beverage businesses with such features as online ordering, gift card sales, menu managers and reservations.

MyShoperon redesigned for the elderly and immunocompromised to reach out to the community for assistance in running errands

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Everyone who registers is part of the MyShoperon community, however depending on what you need from the community, you can be a Requester or a Chaperon. A Requester is someone who needs errand assistance. The Chaperon is someone who has offered to help.

Montreal public health authority promotes flatten.ca/aplatir.ca website to help track spread of COVID-19

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Montreal’s public health authority is asking citizens to participate in a web-based data-gathering project called flatten.ca, or aplatir.ca, designed to track COVID-19 cases to better understand how it is spreading in the city.

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