A Mountain ski village is having 20 gondola cabins refurbished and repurposed as dining cabins in response to decreased restaurant capacity due to the pandemic

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The town also will erect 20-foot yurts and temporary “pavilion” structures. Tables will have QR codes that show menu options from 12 restaurants in the village center. Some of those restaurants will send wait staff to your gondola or yurt, as if you were being served in the restaurant. Some will be offering takeout meals only.

City of Chicago’s Fall & Winter COVID-19 Outdoor Dining Guidance

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The City of Chicago has prepared a one page guidance document for restaurants and bars to continue operating outdoors safely and responsibly.

Tampa restaurants and retail businesses can expand their exterior business footprint into privately-owned and public space without having to go through a full application and permitting process or pay a fee.

Local businesses | Main Street | Policy leadership | physical distancing

During this time, the City will suspend certain code and permit requirements to enable greater use of outdoor space for dining and retail patrons. Safety and accessibility requirements still apply. Details of the specific guidance are available in the LiftUp Local Guidebook for Phase 3.

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