Calgary establishes isolation spaces for homeless affected by COVID-19 at hotel and Telus Convention Centre

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Calgary health officials determined that 100 units would be needed for homeless people who need a place to self-quarantine but don’t require hospitalization.The assisted self-isolation site can also be used by homeless people who have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or are experiencing an unrelated illness that makes them too sick to stay in a shelter. In addition to the medical staff, mental health and addiction support is on hand. Units have been retrofitted to safely house the new residents, CHF says.

Hamilton to convert rec centres into COVID-19 self-isolation shelters for homeless residents

Housing and homelessness | Policy leadership

The City is also working to ensure existing drop-in spots have the resources necessary to stay open. The new “backstop” self-isolation sites will only accept homeless residents who are referred by shelter officials, doctors or hospital authorities. That means the city will not publicly release the rec centre locations.

Program providing online social program for young adults with disabilities

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Facilitation is being provided by the Everyday Friends Social Network program, created by Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre (MNJCC) in Toronto. The program, which was provided in-person before a state of emergency was declared and non-essential businesses were closed, provides daily programs for young adults living with disabilities between the ages of 16 and 29.

Cyber-Seniors is keeping senior citizens socially connected in self-isolation

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Cyber-Seniors’ mission is to bridge the digital divide and connect generations through technology through resources that enable community organizations to provide tech-training for senior citizens through a youth volunteer model. Youth are trained to act as digital mentors, and senior citizens gain access to effective technology training and intergenerational communities that keep them socially connected and engaged.

Edmonton Local Organizations in Operation during COVID-19

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Google document, consistently updated

Medical students supporting community health and accessibility in Edmonton and Victoria

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Bag Half Full was started by University of Alberta medical students and is expanding, most recently to UBC Victoria. Services include shopping and delivering groceries and household items for the elderly and people who are immunocompromised.

France Is Putting Domestic Abuse Victims in Hotels During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Reports of domestic abuse have spiked by about 30% since France went into lockdown. France has created a secret code word for them to discreetly seek help in pharmacies, in response to a huge increase in domestic abuse during the coronavirus lockdown.

Ruckify partners with United Way to connect vulnerable people with technology during COVID-19 pandemic

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The Ottawa-based company is calling on the public to donate or rent out unused items like tablets, smartphones, webcams and laptops, so they can get into the hands of those who need them. Ruckify will provide pickup and delivery of the items. The items will be sanitized when picked up and dropped off, and it will be insured for damages in case something happens.

Montreal declares local state of emergency over fears of COVID-19 outbreak among city’s homeless

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The declaration of a local state of emergency gives the city the power to act quickly to take any measures it deems necessary. Montreal Mayor Valerie Plante said the city now has the power to take over private properties to shelter people and to order needed supplies or food quickly, as needed. Plante said the city is planning new, temporary homeless shelters in the coming days, as well as more outdoor day centres to provide food and other essential services.

‘Isolation shelter’ in works for homeless people in Abbotsford with COVID-19 symptoms

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The City is finalizing a COVID-19 response strategy for vulnerable individuals which will include the activation of an isolation site for individuals to rest, recover, or transition into further health and housing supports.

City of Lethbridge is putting resources in place to help the city’s homeless population, including new spaces for social distancing and self-isolation

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The Fritz Sick gymnasium will transition into a temporary homeless shelter to provide more square footage than the current homeless shelter. Rooms have also been secured at a local motel as a self-isolation unit for the homeless population.

Long-term care facilities across Nova Scotia will be provided with iPads

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Among other initiatives, the Department of Health and Wellness will distribute up to 800 iPads across the province to long-term care homes so residents can connect with family and friends; the tablets will begin arriving at facilities in April.

Sharing Your COVID Stories – Citymaking in the Face of a Pandemic

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This site is inviting people to record up to three minute “stories” about how Covid19 has shaped people’s roles, priorities, strategies, or day-to-day life as a citymaker. These stories will be compiled and shared next week. The idea is to create ever-more resilient, livable, sustainable cities – for all!

Connecting neighbours in Vancouver looking for help during the COVID-19 pandemic

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Coming Together Vancouver brings provides connections to share resources, extend a helping hand to our neighbours, show solidarity for healthcare workers and the vulnerable, and highlight social movements that are fighting for access to healthcare, housing, and workers’ rights.

Canadian Legion initiatives going strong in the midst of the pandemic

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Highlighting how veterans are connecting to socialize, provide for those in need and support service needs

Twitter page run by veterans through the Royal Canadian Legion OSI Special Section where veterans can gather at a place and time to enjoy peer support over coffee

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The initiative gives Veterans a chance to meet for coffee in a supportive setting, to socialize. With the new restrictions in place across the country, locations have moved their meetings online. Recently an online “Buddy Check Coffee” involved veterans serving from all over the globe calling in

Nonprofit freeCodeCamp compiles list of Ivy League courses offered online for free

Learning and education

The resource compiles free online courses from Brown, Harvard, Cornell, Princeton, Dartmouth, Yale, and Columbia universities, and the University of Pennsylvania.

JSTOR expands open-access materials available to the public

Learning and education

Online academic resource JSTOR expands materials available to the public due to the widespread closure of universities across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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