This is a time when Canada must harness its community-driven resilience. We’re asking you to share examples of how Canadian communities are responding to the crisis with creativity and imagination. Collective problem-solving and collaboration will be instrumental in how Canada mitigates the local impacts of COVID-19 and creates on-the-ground solutions.

Highlighted Initiatives



New crowdfunding platform to save small business in Ottawa

Local businesses

A pilot project in Ottawa hopes to boost their chances with community crowdfunding, which has emerged as a vital tool for the social impact sector. Could it provide a model for Main Streets across Canada?

Ottawa’s Love Local Delivery offers curated list of local restaurants offering responsible delivery

Food | Local businesses | Shop Local

The resource offers a curated network of Ottawa’s best independent locally owned and operated restaurants offering responsible delivery.

Grassroots volunteer initiative Zoomies offers volunteer dog walkers

Fundraising and volunteering

The Facebook group links to google forms for dog walkers and dog owners looking for help.

Charlottetown outreach facility relocates to allow increased capacity for vulnerable community members

Frontline services | Housing and homelessness | Policy leadership

The Community Outreach Centre has moved its operations to a local school’s gymnasium for the purpose of enhancing its capacity to provide vulnerable residents with services such as counselling, shower access and laundry facilities under the new health regulations of social distancing.

Local resident launches an online city-wide scavenger hunt to cater to community distress amid COVID-19

Children | General: Online communities and networks

A PEI resident has organized an online activity in the form of a teddy bear hunt for parents and their children to drive to various location sites around the province (e.g. residential windowsills, mailboxes, or lawns).

Charlottetown chef prepares weekly meels in support of children at home in more vulnerable living conditions

Children | Food | Fundraising and volunteering | Local businesses

A local chef supplying lunches for five schools has committed to preparing 100 meals weekly for children who have switched to online classrooms and who come from more difficult living situations.

Tech companies in Newfoundland and Labrador have raised and donated funds to local charities

Fundraising and volunteering | Local businesses

The “Closed Door, Open Heart” initiatve was launched by the Newfoundland and Labrador Association of Technology and Innovation to garner financial support from operating local businesses as well as those businesses whose operations have been halted.

Former Saugeen councillor launches company devoted to connecting Indigenous communities with greater access to industrial supplies

Indigenous | Local businesses | Public health

Former Saugeen councillor co-founded the company “eSupply Canada Ltd.” which aspires to support Indigenous community members with supplies that will better secure their health and safety.

Survive and Thrive combines group coaching, individualized support, peer support, webinars, and resources to help organizations understand and adapt financial models for COVID-19 realities

General: Sector resources | Local businesses

Survive and Thrive is piloted in community, with United Way Greater Victoria and Vancity covering program costs for over 20 organizations to participate in the program.

The City of Brampton introduces new digital tools to allow development to move forward during COVID-19

General: Sector resources | Local businesses | Policy leadership

The City of Brampton has introduced innovative new processes and tools in its Planning and Development department to allow development projects to advance during the COVID-19 pandemic. Developers can now electronically submit all development applications, including plans of subdivision, rezoning and site plans, on the City’s website.

North Shore Emergency Management (North Vancouver) launches website to provide a centralized place for people seeking help

General: Online communities and networks | Policy leadership | Public health

The new website also highlights the ways North Shore agencies have had to alter their usual services as the requirement for physical distancing has forced many organizations to modify their programs or even suspend them entirely.

Tool for building a community cooperation app

General: Online communities and networks

This IBM starter kit helps users to create a mobile application that enables community-based cooperation in times of crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

CityLab invites readers to draw maps of their worlds during COVID-19

Arts and Culture

Over 220 people have responded to the call with a range of interpretative maps, submitted from all over the world.

Product Hunt develops a tool to enjoy our favorite cities during lock-down

Arts and Culture | General: Online communities and networks

The tool allows users to “drive” virtually through cities around the world while listening to local radio stations.

Brampton bans garage sales in latest move to curb spread of coronavirus

Policy leadership

The City did not provide a timeline for when yard sales and other activities like farmers markets might be allowed again. City facilities such as recreation centres, parks outside of trails and city hall have been shuttered since early March and all city events have been cancelled until at least July 2.

Mississauga construction firm supporting restaurants and community during COVID-19

Food | Local businesses

BUILD IT by Design, a construction firm in Mississauga, is supporting restaurants that have been impacted as an effect of the pandemic’s lockdown measures, by placing large meal orders and delivering them to hospitals, food banks and individuals in need.

Halifax Partnership sets up COVID-19 resource page to help local businesses

General: Online communities and networks | General: Sector resources | Local businesses | Main Street | Policy leadership | Shop Local

Dalhousie University helping students with financial challenges caused by COVID-19

Children | Fundraising and volunteering

In mid-March, when the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic began to hit close to home for Dalhousie and its students, the university responded by developing a short-term emergency financial support program over and above its existing financial aid programs.

World Food Organization releases policy brief on global food systems responses to COVID-19


The policy brief explains practices that cities around the world are implementing to mitigate the effects of #COVID19 on urban food systems.

Salvation Army and Newfoundland Library partner to support vulnerable families

Food | Parks and public space | Public health

A public library in Wayne County has teamed up with Salvation Army to deliver non-perishable foods to marginalized families by developing a volunteer-led pop-up food pantry in the library’s parking lot.

A small Newfoundland cafe has committed its operation to preparing meals to those in need

Food | Local businesses

The St John’s establishment, Hungry Heart Café, has redistributed its services towards delivering hundreds of meals to at-risk members of the community during COVID-19.

Newfoundland family launches food bank service from their home

Food | Fundraising and volunteering | Public health

Project FoodForThoughtNL was created by the Tabassum family through their “NL Eats” Facebook platform as a community-driven, contactless food bank that provides resources as needed across the region.

Interactive Map of Canadian small businesses at risk of closing

General: Online communities and networks | Local businesses

“Small Business Crisis” is an interactive online map initiated by a small group of volunteers who are small-business advocates. The tool is accompanied by a list of resources to provide support for at-risk small businesses.

Toronto tech startup company hires restaurant staff to provide free meals for frontline workers

Local businesses

Toronto tech company ResQ has committed its services and resources to ensure that free meals are delivered to front-line workers and hospital employees by hiring restaurant staff that have been laid off.

Equitable “social” contractor non-profit in Toronto continues to deliver accessible services

Local businesses

Building Up is a small contractor non-profit that has maintained its operation throughout COVID-19 to provide reasonably-priced services as well as an equitable pre-apprenticeship program developed for those who face barriers in accessing employment.

Saskatchewan university student forms online initiaitive to deliver caremongering acts across Province


Residents across Saskatoon and Regina have joined a Facebook group initiated to achieve community caremongering initiatives such as food security, challenges to local eviction regulation and partner with organizations that seek to help elderly, immunocompromised, and youth populations.

COVID-19 Response Advisory Committees

General: Tools for engagement | Policy leadership

The City of Vancouver’s municipal Councillors are holding working sessions with committees representing a variety of affected groups, ranging from 2SLGBTQ+ to seniors to Urban Indigenous Peoples.

Downtown Eastside Community Resilience Taskforce

Frontline services | Policy leadership

The City of Vancouver is organizing a multi-agency taskforce to generate engagement and harm reduction strategies as at-risk populations in the area face greater challenges during the crisis.

Winnipeg restaurants, shops and services made available to residents during COVID-19

Food | General: Online communities and networks | Local businesses

Winnipeg Free Press has produced an online directory platform for operating small business to reach customers that are looking to shop, eat and buy locally.

Post-secondary student initiates inclusive project making masks for deaf and hard of hearing

Public health

A Kentucky college senior constructs masks to help hard of hearing individuals by sewing bed sheets and plastic fabric that display speakers’ lips to allow for ASL and speech/lip reading.

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