Cradle to Career is a vision by ProsperUs supporting local youth and children in Windsor-Essex with the opportunities they need to succeed and unlock their potential from pre-natal health for moms all the way through to landing their first job as a young adult

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New housing project in Winnipeg to benefit youth aging out of care

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A burned down, abandoned apartment building in Winnipeg will soon be a new housing project that will house 18 apartment units for young people aging out of the child and family services system in Winnipeg. The Shawenim Abinoojii organization is part of the southeast tribal council in Manitoba. They received $2.83 million from the federal government’s rapid housing initiative to buy the building.

Local takeaway meals during COVID-19 – Toronto

Food | Frontline services

The 519, a charity that promotes inclusion for LGBTQ2S communities has began preparing meals that are available 7 days a week for Toronto residents.

Schulich Medical students are offering free childcare, errands and other volunteer services to health care practitioners across the London region

Fundraising and volunteering

Student volunteers will be matched with a single family to minimize their contact, and only those with childcare experience can provide childcare.

Schulich Medicine and Dentistry students helping a local effort to supply Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to primary care teams across the London region

Food | Fundraising and volunteering

Co-ordinated by the London Middlesex Primary Care Alliance, a group of primary care providers, the grassroots initiative works with individuals and businesses, such as veterinary clinics, podiatrists and spas, to collect and donate unused supplies. As many businesses are closed or offering limited services during the pandemic, organizers say this is a practical way to address the shortage for frontline workers. Third-year medical students are part of the organizing team, collecting PPE equipment from community donors, creating an inventory of the supplies and helping to deliver them based on the need among local primary care teams.

University of Ottawa medical students are mobilizing to help solicit personal protective equipment to keep front-line workers safe

Frontline services

Students are reaching out to businesses, vendors, and industry partners who may have PPE available to donate to our hospitals and front-line healthcare professionals.

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