This is a time when Canada must harness its community-driven resilience. We’re asking you to share examples of how Canadian communities are responding to the crisis with creativity and imagination. Collective problem-solving and collaboration will be instrumental in how Canada mitigates the local impacts of COVID-19 and creates on-the-ground solutions.

Highlighted Initiatives



BC Chamber of Commerce compiles resources for businesses affected by COVID-19

General: Sector resources | Local businesses

Resources for BC businesses include access to capital, taxation relief for businesses, resources for workers, general information, and B2B support

Les banques de loyer de la Colombie-Britannique offrent des prêts d’urgence pour le loyer et les services publics

Housing and homelessness | Income support

Le réseau de banques de loyer en Colombie-Britannique accorde des prêts d’urgence pour le loyer et les services publics.

BC Rentbanks provide emergency loans for rent and utilities

Housing and homelessness | Income support

Network of rentbanks in BC provide emergency loans for rent and utilities.

Crowdsourced resource for home schooling trans and queer families during COVID-19

General: Crowdsourced tools and resources | Learning and education

Facebook group offers resources, support, and encouragement for home schooling trans and queer families during the COVID-19 school closures. Open to queer and trans families and teachers, with a focus on British Columbia’s K-12 curriculum.

Bookstore in Vancouver offers free delivery of books during COVID-19

Arts and Culture | Local businesses

Spartacus Books is a nonprofit, volunteer-run bookstore and resource centre, run collectively for over 40 years. They are offering free delivery in the Vancouver area. Give them a book title or a preferred subject and they will find you good things to read!

Calgary Flames Foundation launches COVID-19 Community Program

Frontline services | Fundraising and volunteering

The support program will distribute $1.15M to Calgary organizations in support of critical community needs.

Elderly shopping hours introduced by multiple grocery chains

Local businesses | Seniors

Stores and grocery chains including Sobey’s, Loblaws, Shopper’s Drug Mart, Whole Foods, and others are opening their doors early for seniors and those with other health concerns to give them an opportunity to shop with fewer customers around amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Resident compiles Google doc of free workouts during social isolation

General: Crowdsourced tools and resources | Mental health | Social isolation

The shared document includes free workouts for individuals to use while staying home or in self-isolation.

Alberta organization creates database of COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits and Charities

General: Sector resources

Resources focus on Calgary and Alberta

Summary of Canada Council for the Arts’ programs for artists during the COVID-19 pandemic

Arts and Culture | Income support

Includes updates on COVID-19’s affect on Canada Council for the Arts’ programs including: Government support (Artists abroad, Employment Insurance, Other possible measures) and Canada Council operations (Financial losses, Suspension of funding (travel-related activities))

CBC only playing Canadian content during COVID-19

Arts and Culture

To support Canadian artists, CBC shift has shifted their weekday radio schedule to all-Canadian programming during COVID-19.

Calgary Arts Development surveys grantees and hosts virtual town hall

Arts and Culture

Calgary Arts Development has sent a survey to all arts organization grantees to begin to understand the impact COVID-19 disruptions will have on our sector.  They are also hosting a virtual town hall mtg to update the community on what they have learned, what they are thinking about, and what actions they re taking with regard to the COVID-19 situation and its impact on our sector and communities.

Grocery stores hiring more staff, offer wage boost as B.C. adapts to COVID-19 buying habits

Food | Frontline services | Income support

In addition to raises, several grocery chains have increased store hours and hired staff due to pandemic shopping habits.

Les épiceries offrent des augmentations salariales au personnel qui travaille bien que coVID-19 pandémie

Plusieurs chaînes d’épiceries à travers le Canada (Sobeys, Loblaws, Metro) offrent des augmentations aux travailleurs qui ont travaillé pendant la pandémie.

Grocery stores offer wage increases to staff working though COVID-19 pandemic

Food | Frontline services | Income support

Several grocery store chains across Canada (Sobeys, Loblaws, Metro) are offering raises to workers that have been working through the pandemic.

Bulletin d’un groupe de défense de la pauvreté avec des liens vers l’entraide locale et la nacelle de quartier

General: Crowdsourced tools and resources | General: Online communities and networks | Social isolation

Mises à jour et liens vers des ressources sur le réseau d’aide mutal de Parkdale et la nacelle de quartier. Publié par Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED), un projet de l’économie populaire de Parkdale dirigé par plus de 30 organismes communautaires et résidents communautaires pour construire un travail décent, une richesse partagée et un développement équitable à Parkdale.

Poverty advocacy group’s newsletter with links to local mutual aid and neighbourhood pod

General: Crowdsourced tools and resources | General: Online communities and networks | Social isolation

Updates and links to resources on Parkdale’s mutal aid network and neighbourhood pod. Posted by Parkdale Community Economic Development (PCED), a project of the Parkdale People’s Economy led by over 30 community-based organizations and community residents to build decent work, shared wealth, and equitable development in Parkdale.

Youthful Cities launches The COVID-19 Canadian Urgent Isolation Campaign Playbook

Children | Mental health

Nonprofit Youthful Cities has launched a campaign to support youth as they self-isolate.

Lessons from Disaster Response that can be applied to COVID-19

Frontline services

Analysis of the Start Network — a rapid financing model for post disaster humanitarian response. What lessons does it hold for Canada’s social impact funders in responding to the COVID-19 crisis?

Links to Canadian independent bookstores offering free delivery

Local businesses

Links to Toronto-based independent bookstores offering free delivery

Lessons from Emergency Preparedness that can be applied to Covid-19

General: Sector resources | Public health

In 2013, Calgary non-profits faced a natural disaster. An analysis about how that helped them to prepare for COVID-19

Toronto-based advocacy groups publish SexWork COVID-19 Guidelines

Employment | General: Sector resources

SexWork COVID-19: Guidelines for Sex Workers, Clients, Third Parties, and Allies; From Butterfly Asian and Migrant Sex Workers Support Network and Maggie’s Toronto Sex Workers Action Project

List of cultural attractions that can be visited virtually

Arts and Culture

List of (mostly Toronto-based) cultural attractions accessible online while in self-isolation.

Online mental health support for Indigenous children and families in Manitoba

Children | General: Online communities and networks | General: Tools for engagement | Indigenous | Mental health | Social isolation

Online Google Hangouts in the Covid-19 world. Organized by Fearless 2W Circle of Support — with funding from Manitoba Child Welfare Education. The online session will share information about supports offered by the following groups: Fearless R2W Manitoba Child Welfare Education & Advocacy Circle of Support; First Nations Family Advocates Office; Inspire Community Outreach

Inner City Youth Mission adapts lunch program to deliver food to those in need

Children | Food

Lunch Connection is a free lunch program supports the students of local schools in vulnerable neighbourhoods, where food insecurity is a daily struggle. During school closures, families will be able to pick up bagged lunches at three locations from noon to 1pm.

Ottawa bioscience firm developing a portable COVID-19 test.

Public health

Spartan Bioscience expects within weeks to have a hand-held product capable of identifying the COVID-19 virus within 30 to 45 minutes, a speedy result made possible because the necessary analysis is done on-site.

Connection and collaboration platforms through social distancing

General: Online communities and networks | General: Tools for engagement | Social isolation

Women-led virtual work technologies to get you through COVID-19. This allows people to stay connected and collaborate with others in the social impact world through these virtual technologies.

Better Toronto Coalition launched by Toronto Foundation and Vancity Community Investment Bank

Fundraising and volunteering

Toronto Foundation launched the Better Toronto Coalition in partnership with Vancity Community Investment Bank. The Coalition has two goals: to connect concerned residents directly with learnings from nonprofit leaders and help direct your support to where it’s needed most; and to quickly flow funds to anchor organizations who are coordinating on the ground so that no one is left behind.

Le chef de la collecte de fonds donne des conseils pratiques sur la façon d’utiliser la technologie et les outils de données dans cette ère COVID-19

General: Online communities and networks | General: Tools for engagement

Restez connecté et collaborez avec d’autres dans le monde de l’impact social grâce à ces technologies virtuelles et outils de données.

Fundraising leader gives practical advice on how to use technology and data tools in this COVID-19 era

General: Online communities and networks | General: Tools for engagement

Stay connected and collaborate with others in the social impact world through these virtual technologies and data tools.

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